My Perfect Day

So I woke up this morning in Hobart Tasmania with a feeling of dread. I hated Mondays. Right before I could get up my wife brought me in breakfast in bed. I was amazed, this had never happened before. She must want something I thought. When I asked she said that she knew how much I hated Mondays, and thanked me for providing for our family. I got up when I was finished, and looked at the beautiful Hobart skyline, my feeling of dread slowly diminishing. As I got up and placed on my slippers I was amazed to see that all my clothes were set out for me. I walk down the stairs and relished in the smell of coffee and bacon. The bacon smell was left over from the breakfast, but the coffee was already made without me touching the machine. My three boys smiled at me. So this was their doing. I smiled back and drank my coffee the usual way, half milk no sugar. I once again stared out the window at the gorgeous Hobart skyline. This was turning out to be my perfect day.

As I walked to work that morning I spied a cell phone on the ground. When I called the most recent caller saying that I had found the phone the person was very grateful for my finding of the phone. When they showed up to collect the phone they rewarded me with twenty American dollars as the were tourists. I walked to work with a nice smile on my face at helping someone’s day be better, and at how mine was improving.As I approached my workplace I saw that a truck was stopped in front of the building having come from the port of Burnie.

When I inquired about the contents of the truck, my manager told me that it was a new shipment of tablet computers, and that I would be getting one. I was overjoyed. I had always wanted one but had always been reluctant because of the price. As my manager handed me the tablet he also told me that because of the number bought, all the employees had received twenty dollars on their account to spend on applications for the tablet. I was so amazed that the day went by in a blur. When I returned home to the Hobart suburbs that day my wife and kids were all amazed at my good fortune. They reveled in the fun brought by the tablet computer, and asked me all about the incident with the cell phone. As the day came to a close I had to remind the kids that the tablet was a tool, not a toy and they sighed and agreed. This had been the most perfect day I had ever had and couldn’t wait to use the tablet later the next day.