Tasmania is an island roughly the size of Ireland located off of the southern coast of Australia. It is the land down under the land down under. Most people, including those who live in Australia, think of this country as place filled mostly with desert like raw landscapes. However, this is not true and one visit to Tasmania will dispel this notion. If you were shown a photograph of almost any part of this magnificent island, you would be forgiven for mistaking it to be a picture taken somewhere in the Swiss Alps or Country side. Yes it is that gorgeous and inviting.

Tasmania is in short a sort of a secret paradise filled with mountains, lush green forests. It is the go to place for any Australian who wants something wildly different from other parts of this huge country. Being an island, obviously it means that it is surrounded by the sea. So apart from all of the above mentioned nature, you will always be relatively close to the sea. The sea shore is as rough and gentle as you want it to be. In some places the beaches offer some spectacular waves and other parts it will mostly calm. The point is that Tasmania has something to offer for just about anybody.

If you happen to do some research on this unique island, you will see adjectives such as “Discover”, “inspiration” and “unique” being thrown around in liberal doses. This is because of the feeling of something different and new which only a few places such as Tasmania is capable of giving. Another favorite description of Tasmania is the “natural state.” However it is people decide to describe it; one thing for sure is that there are very few places which can rejuvenate your body, mind and soul the way Tasmania can.

So what are the main attractions on offer at Tasmania? For nature lovers ,a visit to places such as Cradle Mountain, Lake St. Claire, nice peaceful beaches on the east side and wild ones on the west side, is a must. If you are into postcard like views then the next place to visit would be Wineglass Bay at Freycinet Peninsula. You will be able to see lush forests surrounded by some of the bluest ocean waters. Other water related attractions include the yearly Hobart Yacht race, which starts from Sydney and ends in the Derwent River, Tasmania.

Moving on from nature, Tasmania also boasts of great architecture and food. The town of Hobart is famous for well preserved colonial architecture. Other towns that offer great architectural sights would be Hagley and Deloraine. These towns have exquisite examples of fine Georgian architecture. Overall, the villages located around the island boast of antique buildings from a different time period. As far as food is concerned, all of the major towns have great restaurants where you can taste delicious local fare such as wine and cheese. The bottom line is that it is hard to beat Tasmania when to come to a well rounded relaxing or exciting vacation.